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We have expanded and moved all plaque sales to our new website:

Here at Texas European Mounts we strive to make the finest quality european mount plaques
available. We also offer a wide variety of styles that will allow you to find the perfect plaque to 
suit your needs. We specialize in european mount plaques for deer, but we can and will make
a plaque for any type of skull you want. 

Texas European Mounts offers european mount plaques made from mesquite, black walnut,  
pecan, honey locust, eastern red cedar, and osage orange (commonly called bodark).
We also have a nice looking camo plaque. 
In addition to our classic looking standard style plaque, we also make custom plaques
to fit your specific need.

In addition to the european mount plaques we now offer an antler mounting kit.
We call it "The Deer Stand", and our patented design allows you to mount your antlers in minutes,
and there is no finish work involved. You simply saw the antlers off the skull and set them on "The Deer Stand"

Thank you for considering Texas European Mounts for your next european mount plaque.
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